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Performance Showchoir – Kaysville….. Ages 5yrs-High School. Offering Beginning through Advanced Classes 801.872.4451 or 801.444.0722

Tuition & Fees

June 21st, 2010

Tuition is per students in the same household.

  • 1 Student/1 hour class $45 per month
  • 1 Student/90 min class $60 (By Audition Only)
  • Multiple students in a single household discounts.  10% off for 2 students, 15% off for 3 students, etc.

Tuition is calculated on a per month basis.  Classes begin in September and go through April.  New students are accepted in Aug/Sept and again in Jan/Feb.

Other expenses include:

  • Annual registration fee of $20 per student. Due upon Registration.
  • Costume fee of $70 per student for girls, $45 for boys. (This includes T-shirt and costume for the year.)  The same costume will be used for our Christmas performances and Spring time performances. Due by September 15th.
  • Class hoodie and jacket $50 – Required for advanced classes.  Due before second month of class.
  • Spring Concert fee of $40 per family. Due by April 1st.
  • Character Shoes $25.
  • Optional class backpack $45.

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