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Girl Shoe Info.

September 8th, 2011
Hi Parents,
Below is info on how to order character shoes required for ASC and JR ASC:
You can order them online from OR order as a group, I will be placing a group order  along with our schools ballroom order, but it will not be sent in until after our first performance.  If you would like to wait for a week or two, we will get free shipping and save 10%.  Be sure to order the shoe with 1 1/2 inch heel.
Students can wear any dark shoes for our FIRST performance.(No flip flops or sandals.)

Some styles of shoe only go as small as a size 1.  Here is a link for some that go to a 13 (you may have to copy and paste it in your browser.).   $28.50.

Or these for size 1 and up $21.95:

Also, I was able to find lots of 10% off coupon codes, so give them a try.
As for returning shoes, as long as students try them on in a carpeted area it is fine.  If they have any scuffs or scrapes at all they cannot be returned. Read through their exchange and return policy online.

Thank Malinda for reminding me to send this info!!
Ballet Slipper for all other classes should be BLACK and look like these:
They can be found at Wal-Mart or for around $12.00.